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Flushing Soup Dumpling Restaurant Nan Xiang To Return In Fall

Flushing Soup Dumpling Restaurant Nan Xiang To Return In Fall
Jul 11, 2019

Acclaimed Flushing soup dumpling restaurant Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, which had recently closed its operations, will re-open in a major upgraded space this fall.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao closed its doors at 3812 Prince St. in May after more than a decade in the neighborhood due to claims of an inability to renegotiate an economically viable lease renewal agreement.

The May closing received extensive media coverage with devoted customer’s heart-broken over the sudden shuttering.  Although Nan Xiang served a variety of Shanghai dishes, it was the signature thin skinned soup dumplings which attracted crowds of food aficionados over the years.

The new restaurant will be housed within One Fulton Square at the corner of Prince Street and 39th Avenue in downtown Flushing, according to spoke-person and General manager Eddie Zheng.  Zheng indicated that the restaurant will be doubling its size with a new 5,100 square foot space and will be a slightly more contemporary eatery then the previous location.

"The new increased space will help the restaurant meet the needs of our rapidly growing customer base" Zheng stated, adding that "the old space was somewhat difficult to operate from".

The announced reopening occurs amidst a growing community concern that the small business of mom and pop restaurants in Flushing were being forced to close due to rising rents and competition from big international restaurant chains.  Further, new development from real estate and management firms like F&T Group, which created a 330,000 square foot mixed use development, down the block from the original location, called One Fulton Square were impliedly deemed responsible for the resulting higher rents in the area.

The announced reopening thus alleviates an unspoken antagonism between the small business community and large scale business development practice in downtown Flushing.


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