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Flushings Golden Shopping Mall Closes For Renovations

Flushings Golden Shopping Mall Closes For Renovations
Aug 1, 2019

FLUSHING, QUEENS — Flushing's legendary Golden Shopping Mall has officially closed its doors for "renovations".

The two level mall was beloved by food enthusiasts with the basement level food court being especially regarded as a favorite foodie destination for Chinese cheap eats. The Mall officially shut its doors yesterday on July 30th and it is unclear at present when the Mall will reopen.

News of the Mall's closing was first reported by food writer and famed Queens food enthusiast Joe DiStefano who gives food tours throughout Queens and blogs at the popular website

At present it is unclear whether any of the Mall's food vendors will return after the renovation.  In the final week of the Mall's opening many vendors had already shuttered their stalls with several establishments like Tianjin Dumpling House indicating their intention to relocate.

Golden Shopping Mall was a popular destination for local blue collar workers and foodies. The dilapidated, cramped and gritty space, which  housed housed a multitude of food vendors, charmed foodies with its wide variety of authetic Chinese regional cuisine.  The Mall itself dated back to the late 1980's where it once served solely as a shopping mall but which by the beginning of the 21st Century had transformed exclusively into partitioned food stalls  .

The Mall is best known as the birthplace of Flushing's Dumpling Galaxy and Xi'An Famous Foods. The late Anthony Bourdain brought the Mall to public attention when he featured Xi'An's stall on his acclaimed food show "No Reservations" over a decade ago.  Since then Xi'an owner John Wang  has turned his family business into a successful restaurant chain throughout the city.

The Mall was also the home of Chengdu Heaven, or Chen Du Tian Fu, a Sichuan spot that was especially well regarded as a favorite of foodies.

Upstairs Level - Golden Shopping Mall

Lower Level - Golden Shopping Mall


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