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Tiger Sugar Grand Opening in Flushing NY - May 11th 2019

Tiger Sugar Grand Opening In Flushing NY - May 11th 2019
May 11, 2019
Tiger Sugar a company renowned for its bubble tea in Taiwan and 40 stores worldwide opened their flagship operation in Flushing NY today.  The brand and it's bubble tea are a quite popular mainstay in Taiwan  and  the grand opening today marked the first such store in North America.  The grand opening was celebrated with extensive fanfare alongside political dignitaries and company spokespeople.  In pre-interviews with the press, Calvin Sun, CEO of Tiger Sugar New York  stated: “We decided to open our 48th store in Flushing because most of the people are of Southeast Asia demographic,....and also because Flushing is ethnically diverse, so we have a lot of people gathered here, and we think this is the perfect location.” 

Todays ceremony included a ribbon cutting cemony, a certificate presentation, and a dragon dance.  The high demand for Tiger Sugar bubble tea was visibly apparent as long lines persisted throughout the day having started to form as early as 6am.   Customers expressed that they had arrived early to vie for the publicized special gift of Taiwanese brown sugar biscuits for the first 100 customers and a Tiger Sugar model figurine, which would only go the first three customers.  Also, many customers arrived early hopng to be the coveted lucky first customer for the prestige and honor.  That award ended up being conveyed to Tiger Sugar enthusiast Michael Porter who was customer #1 and who indicated he had arrived 'just before 6:00 AM".

The brand is known for its milk drink with brown sugar syrup formed as a layer of sugar coated on the inner side of the cup mimicking tiger stripes.  The companies best seller is  the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse.  The grand opening of the new store located at 40-10 Main St. was attended by City Councilman Peter Koo, a representative of Sen. John Liu,, Siman Yang, president of Tiger Sugar, and Victor Wong, business strategic partner of Tiger Sugar. 

Bubble Tea Shake Celebration with Councilman Peter Koo 

Grand Opening Celebration for Tiger Sugar - May 11th 2019

Michael Porter - First Customer at Tiger Sugar with his prized bubble tea drink


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